Dat Four-Year Hiatus Though!

2015-01-16 14:55:53 by Kazmo

Hey guys, it's Kazmo!  Just thought I 'd let you all know that I've been thinking of using my profile again to upload experimental independent projects that don't quite make the cut for Eminence (the duo I'm a part of) as well as other ideas.  I'm still alive and well, and it's quite nice to check out this site again.  It's been a long time since I've done anything on here and I hope that I continue to stay connected some way.  :]


Fruity Loops & CPL

2010-04-11 17:26:11 by Kazmo

This is just a note for people using FL.

To make your tracks sound better, turn off CPL. (You have to do this every time you start a new project though, it doesn't save on start-up)

To do this, simply go to Options > Project General Settings. In that tab, there should be a square that's lit up beside "Circular panning law". That's CPL, turn it off.

You can do some research on this, but I noticed that turning it off creates a more full mix.

I think this goes into the characteristics of stereo enhancement and ceiling levels of the sound. With a dome ceiling (CPL), stereo enhanced sounds have less body, since the levels are lowered as the sound roams out of center. Turning this off creates a flat ceiling, and an even level of sound in the whole stereo field. (Wow I think I did a good job explaining it there, came up with it as I went :P)

You'll notice a difference in quality/balance in the mix, and you will have to compensate for these changes by changing EQ/post levels and such. Overall I think you'll find this to give better results!

All the best,


Fruity Loops & CPL

Birfdai! :3

2010-02-27 09:25:35 by Kazmo

Sho meh lurf!


500 Fans Milestone!

2009-12-09 18:13:15 by Kazmo

Yes, that's right!

Thank you all, for I have now reached 500 fans!

I'm quite happy that so many people enjoy my tracks and show their support. :]

Thanks again!

Sorry Guys

2009-11-05 11:49:00 by Kazmo

I've been really busy lately, whether it be school, work, or outtings.

My promise to you, is that I'll make at least 1 new song a month, starting this month.

I just feel like I'm letting my fans down a bit, since I used to submit a new song almost every week.

Don't worry, I'm not dead!

I'm going to request a name change.

2009-10-07 08:25:54 by Kazmo

I'm going to request to change my NG name from Kazm0 to Kazmo.

Kazmo has been inactive since 2002, so chances are this will all fall into place quite nicely. The only reason my name is Kazm0 is exactly that: it was taken.

I just don't want people to think "OMG where did Kazm0 go?" when in fact I'm still here...with my real name.

PM time!

[EDIT] Name change complete!