500 Fans Milestone!

2009-12-09 18:13:15 by Kazmo

Yes, that's right!

Thank you all, for I have now reached 500 fans!

I'm quite happy that so many people enjoy my tracks and show their support. :]

Thanks again!


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2009-12-10 06:15:34

Nice! You reached your 500 milestone just as I reached one of my own! :D

Congrats! I'll be supporting you all the way!


~Phyrnna ^_^

(Updated ) Kazmo responds:

You are too kind, and congrats on your 400 milestone :D

I'll always support you too :3

Thanks Mel!


2009-12-15 16:55:22

Woah nice man!!

Congrats :D

Lets hope for 500 more! :)

Kazmo responds:

Thanks! :D

Lol and I thought 500 was good :]


2009-12-16 15:13:13

hi can u maek me a celebritty overnite

Kazmo responds:

Sleep with me, done.



2009-12-30 19:46:52

Congrats, you really do deserve it. You need to get top of the week more often though.

Kazmo responds:

I have no control over that. In any case that'll probably be impossible with the number of retards now submitting stuff to the AP.


2010-01-04 11:10:32

dude , thats 500 fans out of the 10 000 that didnt clicked on the "fan" option of your profile... gratz anyway xD , love ya (musik)

Kazmo responds:

lol I think there's more than 10000 on NG, whether they're active or not :P


2010-01-08 17:13:25

w00t, Canada is awesome (I live in Ontario too [Ottawa]:P). Anyways, having gotten that out of the way, congrats, your trance music definitely rivals a lot of pro music I have heard.

I think that it is quite possible you could get signed, your music is great.

I still need to figure out those trance basslines... You do them epicly well. They are probably my worst part lol.