Entry #1

I'm going to request a name change.

2009-10-07 08:25:54 by Kazmo

I'm going to request to change my NG name from Kazm0 to Kazmo.

Kazmo has been inactive since 2002, so chances are this will all fall into place quite nicely. The only reason my name is Kazm0 is exactly that: it was taken.

I just don't want people to think "OMG where did Kazm0 go?" when in fact I'm still here...with my real name.

PM time!

[EDIT] Name change complete!


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2009-10-07 11:16:33

You know you make the name alive , no matters if its poopmasta or grandmarockon , you are still a genius of Trance . (wtf is the link ?? dunno :-P)

PS: Kazmo is way better by the way XD

Trance 4 life dude !

Kazmo responds:

Haha thank you! :D


2009-10-11 18:43:33

So that's why your old page didn't exist anymore, scared the hell out of me. well just bookmarked this one.

Offtopic: please tell me you entered/will enter the tiesto remix comp. at beatport. That track desperately needs your epicness!

Kazmo responds:

I have :)

It's almost done too! I'll be posting it on my youtubez asap.