Fruity Loops & CPL

2010-04-11 17:26:11 by Kazmo

This is just a note for people using FL.

To make your tracks sound better, turn off CPL. (You have to do this every time you start a new project though, it doesn't save on start-up)

To do this, simply go to Options > Project General Settings. In that tab, there should be a square that's lit up beside "Circular panning law". That's CPL, turn it off.

You can do some research on this, but I noticed that turning it off creates a more full mix.

I think this goes into the characteristics of stereo enhancement and ceiling levels of the sound. With a dome ceiling (CPL), stereo enhanced sounds have less body, since the levels are lowered as the sound roams out of center. Turning this off creates a flat ceiling, and an even level of sound in the whole stereo field. (Wow I think I did a good job explaining it there, came up with it as I went :P)

You'll notice a difference in quality/balance in the mix, and you will have to compensate for these changes by changing EQ/post levels and such. Overall I think you'll find this to give better results!

All the best,


Fruity Loops & CPL


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2010-04-11 20:52:34

Thanks i'll try that.

Kazmo responds:

No probliem :]


2010-04-11 22:00:50

never thought i could understand japanese ... nice tip

Kazmo responds:

o_o it's not that hard to understand lol


2010-05-06 16:50:57

Awesome! i gotta try that, how did you discover this madness?

Kazmo responds:

From an old friend I used to talk to a lot lol


2010-11-16 15:36:31

Thanks for that, ill give it a try XD


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